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How We Do It

With the help of our partners we are able to provide the following programs and therapies as needed to meet the individual needs of each child.


Therapies and Medical

  • Psychologist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Speech therapy

  • Sand and water therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Family physician and specialists when needed

  • Farm therapy*


  • Montessori Preschool and tutoring**

  • Homeschool when a child is emotionally unable to attend regular school

  • Five different area schools and preschools

  • Enrichment programs such as music and sports through our city cultural centers

Caregiver and supporting staff

  • Trauma Based Caregiver Certificate

  • Ongoing training throughout each year

  • Regular full staff and care team meetings

  • Women and men with hearts for the children and faith in God.


*We have a thirty acre farm near to the Baltic sea where the children spend summers and holidays in the therapy nature so beautifully provides. Here they climb trees, swim, build sandcastles, pick berries, learn to garden, and grow stronger and more confident.

**Of special note is our fully licensed Montessori Program located within our Center. This program helps bridge the gaps in education that many of our children face. When space is available, we are able to include children within our community and from area orphanages who also benefit from the program.

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