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What We Do

Our vision for caring for children is four-fold and includes the following:

  • To Rescue by responding to calls from regional governments to aid children and families in crisis through direct intervention and placement within the Sparrow's Nest family.

  • To Relieve suffering through loving care, addressing the immediate physical and emotional suffering brought about by tragedy, abuse, and neglect. 

  • To Restore by actively seeking healing and salvation for each child and family through prayer, love, and a wide range of resources, including medical treatment, therapy, education, and a secure environment. 

  • To Replace children in their own birth family or a loving adoptive family as determined by the Orphan’s Court within Latvia.


An orphanage can never take the place of a family, therefore,

our work is complete when a child is placed in a family. Ideally, every child should be able to return to their birth family, but this is not always possible. When there are no relatives to step in as guardians, we support adoption so that a child has a permanent, loving family. 

In our first ten years of work, many of our children were orphaned by the death of one or both parents. Over the past 15 years, that trend has changed and we see more and more "social orphans." These children are orphaned through abandonment and severe neglect. With this change, our commitment to minister to families has grown. We share the Gospel with each and every client and provide them with a Bible and a list of churches in their region. We help facilitate visits with their chidlren and provide material help when the parent is sincere but the situation is desperate.


Over the years, we have been involved in the development and training of foster families in Latvia. We have distributed shoes and clothing to government orphanages and had a backpack program to help families in crisis with back to school supplies and clothing. From 2017 - 2019, we hosted regional Orphan's Courts and Social Departments from all over Latvia to share our methods and family-style care. 

Where God opens a door, we endeavor to walk through with the abilities and resources we have.

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