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Support Family 

  • A support family commits to pray for a particular child or sibling group throughout the year.

  • A support family communicates through cards or letters once a month.

  • A support family celebrates birthdays, name days, and Christmas with a card and small gift.

  • A support family is available if a child has a special medical or educational need.

  • The Sparrow's Nest will communicate prayer needs for the child or children.

  • The Sparrow's Nest will translate and read the letters and cards with children.

  • The Sparrow's Nest will send photos or thank you notes from the child.

  • The Sparrow's Nest will alert support families of special needs that may require financial support, such as new glasses or a special sport or field trip that would benefit the child. This support is always voluntary.


If you are interested in becoming a support family, please click the button below.

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