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August Newsletter

Dear Friend, After the adoption that took place during June and July, we are experiencing a season of quiet and routine. The children and staff are spending as much time at the farm as possible before the school year begins on September 1. Deep cleaning and organization are going on in each home and office so that we are ready for future children. You probably know that I continue to divide my time between Latvia and the United States, and right now, I am in Latvia with responsibilities that include: hiring new staff members, renewing registrations, and working with required reports and documentation for the government of Latvia. This past week, a long-term prayer request was answered in the form of a qualified psychologist to provide necessary services for the children and families! This is a part-time but crucial position that we have been trying to fill for 18 months. We are so grateful!

At the end of July, a homemade “slip and slide” was introduced to the kids to add interest and fun at our farm. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoyed this $20.00 piece of plastic and a $3.00 bottle of dishwashing liquid. People have used this idea in the States for many years, but it was brand new to our staff and children. They were a bit skeptical, but after we set it up and my son Adam demonstrated, everyone was on board.

We relished the sunny bright days of summer and squeezed every bit of sun and warmth that we could. It is August now, and each day since the end of June, we have been losing almost 4 minutes of daylight. Fall is in the air, and it is time to gather mushrooms and harvest the garden. Soon, the dark days of fall and winter will return, and then we will make the indoors cozy and bright for the children and staff.

Aniija has moved to a crisis center which has legal help available to facilitate her divorce from an abusive husband. After two months, she will need to leave this center and begin life on her own as a single mom. Her son is too young to go into a government kindergarten program, and she receives only $125.00 per month as support from her previous work. We have offered her a part-time position with us, helping us with the cooking, which would take care of her childcare needs while she finishes her schooling. Aniija is considering this offer. Please keep her in prayer as she is alone and is vulnerable to falling into the same type of relationship as her first marriage. August 12, 2021

We have encouraging news for three sparrows whose parents have turned a corner and are actively working to improve their living conditions and are fulfilling the requirements to have their children come home. Janis, Sintija, and Dinia came to us in May of this year, and their situation appeared bleak. It seemed that parental rights would be immediately cut. After several visits with their children, the parents’ outlook began to change. They enrolled in and are completing parental classes and are meeting with a counselor. It is like watching a dying ember being fanned into life once again. Both children and parents have hope for their future. The remainder of our children are all waiting for a new family. They are orphaned by death or by the complete abandonment of their family. Three of our waiting children have special needs, and some of the others are in larger sibling groups. International adoption is closing, and though the final law has yet to be passed, agencies are no longer able to steer adoptive parents towards Latvian children.

The situation appears bleak and can be faith- smothering. However, our faith is not in the current political situation or in the government or in the circumstances—our faith is centered in God. He has said to us, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27) He has proven His Lordship in our lives, and nothing is too difficult for Him. We want to encourage you in your stand of faith. Stay strong in the Lord and in the promises of His Word. Please know that as you pray for us, we also pray for you. We pray that your needs will be met and your work blessed. We pray for salvation and healing for you and your family members. We pray that you will hear and follow the Holy Spirit as you walk with God each day. Thank you for caring and sharing in our work. We feel your presence with us daily through your gifts and prayers. We are so grateful.

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