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Helping Hands

For about five years, we have been without a caretaker for our farm. Over the past nine months, we have had a Latvian couple living at the farm. They came to us when they lost their jobs and home and needed a place to live. We thought that we were helping them, but they have blessed us so much by caring for the home and grounds and using their photography skills to capture daily life and special events with the children.

Special Need: It took a lot of wood to heat the farm home this winter, and our woodsheds are not adequate to store the amount of wood needed when someone is living at the farm full-time. Vilnis recently requested a new shed so that we can chop and store enough wood to last through winter. This is a special project outside of our regular budget, and the materials will cost $900.00 USD. I was thrilled when Vilnis talked about next year, because that means he and his wife are planning on staying at the farm. Their help is an answer to prayer.

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