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Season Greetings

We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with joy in our Lord Jesus Christ! A sense of wonder fills my heart every time I sit down to write a report on the progress of the children in our care. Each child gives evidence of what happens when consistent loving care is offered in place of neglect and abuse. For the past two and a half years, we have cared for a sibling group of four who found safety and rest at theSparrow’s Nest. We have held their hands, cared for their health and well-being, and helped each child succeed in school. With the help of our social worker and psychologist, the children have found courage to face and then move past the abuse in their lives. Confidence is restored, hope is alive, and the children are now ready to meet their adoptive family arriving as an early Christmas gift in mid-December. Remember our three little ones with severe dental needs and a terrible fear of the dentist? Thanks to the generous response of several partners, we were able to provide anesthetic for the children with the result that 18 cavities were filled, two crowns placed, five rotten baby teeth extracted, and the infection stopped that had entered the jawbone of one child. More good news—once again partners responded, and we were able to find a nurse who can provide Janis’ catheterization treatment on a twice daily basis. In our recent visit with doctors, we were offered hope that Janis will outgrow this need. With healthy, regular eating habits and physical therapy, we have hopes that Janis will soon begin potty training and gain the confidence needed to start our Montessori preschool full-time. December 5, 2019

Janis’ younger sister is blossoming! She smiles and is now scooting around and pulling up and taking steps on her own. She is beginning to make more sounds and even attempting to say “Ludzu,” which means please in Latvian. These stories of triumph over tragedy are made possible by faithful friends and partners. At this time of the year, the 2020 budget is prayerfully under review. Out team serves with their whole heart and every effort is made to work effectively and economically. Thank you for serving right beside us with your prayers and financial support. With your help, we can continue to write new stories with happier endings for orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children. Christmas with Christ at the center is a true celebration of God’s love. We wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that your home and heart is filled with the joy and peace our Savior brings.

With love in Christ, Alissa Stemple, Director

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