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September Newsletter

Dear Friend,

September 1 marks the end of summer and the beginning of school here in Latvia. With your help, the children of the Sparrow’s Nest stepped into the new study year with all their needs met. There were enough backpacks, school supplies, clothing, and shoes for every child to feel confident and ready. For the first time ever, we have only one child in preschool! This means that our Montessori program will have opportunity to help older children with learning gaps and school lessons.

With the start of the school year, we have also received updated guidelines for confidentiality of the children in our care. To comply with the updated guidelines, our newsletters will refer to our children by their first initial only.

We have three new children since I last wrote to you. Brothers A and K came to our center two weeks ago when they were rescued after having been severely beaten. They are pictured here, receiving their school supplies. E, a boy of 13, also came to us in August. He is an orphan with no family available or able to help him grow into a young man. With a slight mental handicap, he is particularly vulnerable.

All three of these boys need medical care, counseling, and education. They came to us with only the clothing they were wearing. One of the boys had lice so badly that after eight treatments over three days, our only choice was to shave his head. He was so grateful to finally be rid of the itching and open sores that he had lived with for over a year. I am thrilled to be able to include the “after” pictures—photos taken after they had been with us for several weeks and had their outward needs met. However, the deeper works of inner strength, hope, and forgiveness have only just begun.

Many may remember A from newsletters over the past several years. A came to us at age 7 and is now 12 years old. Because he has medical issues that are correctable but serious, it has been difficult for a family to consider him for adoption. Yet God who hears and answers prayer has brought a couple who understands his needs and has fallen in love with him! This Latvian couple is ready to help him through his remaining surgeries and guide him as he grows up. They have applied for adoption with the Latvian government and are waiting for approval. Please pray for a positive outcome for A and his new family.

Another key prayer need is for lovely E who will be turning 18 years old in November. E is in the 11th grade and is a great student. She is proud of her progress in school and wants to continue to study and live at the Sparrow’s Nest, but there are many influences competing for her life and future. She recognizes her need for a strong anchor but must choose if she will stay or go. She needs our prayers and protection more than ever as she makes these decisions.

We have a special need that affects every child in our care. Our playground is gradually disintegrating. We noticed one day that the support towers were leaning, and as we examined further, we found extensive rotting at key points of structural support. This playground is dear to us because it was built and dedicated in memory of a volunteer who gave so much to our children.

The good news is that a Latvian company feels they can restore and refresh the original playground. The challenge is that this will cost $3,800.00 USD and is an unplanned expense coming at a tight time in our budget. I just received word that we received $1,000.00 towards this project, so now we need the remaining $2,800.00. The first playground lasted 10 years, and this repair and refresh will take us through the next 10 years!

This week, one of our little girls came running to me as I entered our gate. She gave me a big hug and then asked me how much money I had that I could take care of so many children. My answer came quick and sure, “The money doesn’t come from me but from God who works through loving people.”

You are one of those loving people, and whether you pray, give, or both, your participation helps make our work possible. Thank you, thank you, and God bless you richly as you follow Him.

With love in Christ,

Alissa Stemple

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